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We are an Australian based chatbot marketing agency that helps your business deliver outstanding and unique online experiences for your customers.

The chatbot systems we build are fully customisable and sophisticated, but they come without the usual ‘enterprise level’ price tag. We’ve got a pretty handy team behind the scenes that is pretty efficient at keeping the costs down for you!

Based in Melbourne, Australia, our team is a bunch of savvy chat marketers that has been working with small and medium businesses for years.

Accessible and rewarding chat marketing

Why Chat Response Isn’t Your Average Chatbot Agency

We’ve learnt that exceptional customer service was the #1 priority for 99% of businesses out there. And when you think customer service and ‘bots’ well, history says they often don’t deliver on expectations.

We aim to make chat marketing accessible and rewarding for every small to medium business in Australia. So you can get on with doing what you do best knowing that your chatbot just…works!

As marketers though, we know that handling customer service is just one part of a successful chatbot. We design our chatbots to give you a positive return on investment by starting the conversation BEFORE the customer is ready to ask a question.

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Partners to help create profitable conversations

We’ll work with you to develop engaging sales and marketing tactics to grow your customer database, educate and qualify leads while upselling, cross-selling and dealing with everything in between.

Like how we used a simple coupon campaign to generate over 8,000 sales for The Masque Co. using a Messenger and Website Chatbot, or how we helped 6ft6 get 4,300+ email entries for a 4-week competition using a Facebook and Instagram chatbot.

The team behind Chat Response

Get to know us

Dan Pinne


Dan has grown a successful Facebook marketing agency to evolve into the thriving chat marketing space which he’s incredibly passionate about. He even created a podcast about it (the Chat Marketing Podcast) and trains businesses of all shapes and sizes on how to integrate chatbots into their business.

Dan Pinne wearing a blue shirt with rolled up sleeves he is smiling at the camera with his hands touching in front of his abdomen

What is your nickname?

Dan Dan The Chatbot Man

Favourite phrase?

“There’s a bot for that”

Emoiji used the most?


Where can you be found on your days off?

Dreaming of the next big thing in the chat space over coffee and brunch, or being distracted by his beloved Essendon Bombers with a beer in hand.

What is your nickname?


Emoiji used the most?

Where can you be found on your days off?

Sharing a cheeky wine and cheese board with friends, down by the beach with her dogs or buying another house plant she doesn’t need.

Molly Jones

Social Content Guru

Molly is the brains behind the wicked sense of humour and wit on our social channels. She’s energetic and loves dogs, memes and explaining ‘Gen Z’ humour to Dan.

Molly Jones


Chatbot Charlie

Gian is the master of being patient and brings our Chatbots to life by connecting all our crazy flows into one, manageable piece of mayhem. Mr. Reliable just gets. It. Done!


What is your nickname?

The Chatbot Genie

What is your favourite phrase?

You are unique, just like everybody else

Emoiji used the most?

Where can you be found on your days off?

Playing video games and or walking my dog

What is your nickname?

The Wiz

What is your favourite phrase?

Stay Hungry. Stay Foolish. – Steve Jobs

Emoiji used the most?

Where can you be found on your days off?

Chilling on the beach, surfing some waves, and drinking ice cold beer

Stephen Lee

Chatbot Tech Specialist

Stephen is our tech wiz that can integrate and link programs with one another to bring chatbots to life. He’s the key to the ‘Response’ element of Chat Response, without him you’re just chatting to a blank void – so he’s kinda important (he’s also a great listener)! 

Social Responsibility

Creating a strong business and building a better world are not conflicting goals

When it comes to business and chatbots, we are well aware there are many more important things in life. We’re incredibly lucky that we’re in a position to help people and causes that are important to us as a company.

We are passionate advocates for global issues, including sustainability, climate change, cruelty against animals and female rights. Making an impact and contributing to not-for-profit causes lie at the heart of Chat Response and as it continues to evolve, our contribution in this space will continue to develop. 

Current charities that we support include:

How we’re trying to make a difference

We actively empower our staff to share the values that are important to them. Each employee and contractor we work with nominates a charity that a portion of the project or client’s fee is then donated to.

We are willing to help relevant not-for-profits and charities with in-kind services that assist with the promotion of initiatives that are making a difference in the community.

If you’d like to enquire about getting assistance with a chatbot for your not-for-profit, please register your interest below. 

Giant scrabble tiles lined up to spell the word kindness with Dan Pinne taking the place of the letter I with his arms raised and hands palm to palm above his head

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