What is an Instagram AI Automation funnel – and do I need one?

Instagram Automation Funnels


With over one billion active users, Instagram is a popular platform for businesses to reach their target audience. However, standing out in the noise requires a strategic approach to Instagram marketing.

An Instagram Automation Funnel is a marketing strategy that uses automated messages to engage customers and potential customers by leveraging automated comment responses and direct messages (DMs) on Instagram. This type of funnel allows businesses to capitalise on interactions that occur naturally in the comments section, as well as the DMs sent between users.

Companies can strategically craft automated messages with specific calls-to-action that help deepen customer relationships and generate leads. By utilising an Instagram automation funnel, businesses are able to create an increased connection with their audience and grow their reach.

Benefits of an Instagram AI Funnel

Save resources and costs

The key benefit of using an Instagram Automation funnel is that it takes all of the manual work out of managing comments and direct messages on Instagram. Instead of manually responding to each comment or DM individually, businesses can set up automated conversations that will provide personalised responses based on what specific users are looking for.

This allows businesses to save time and focus on other tasks while still being able to engage with potential customers in real time. Additionally, by tracking user responses, businesses can gain useful insights into what types of messages their audiences respond well to so that they can continually refine their message strategies for maximum results.

Expedite the customer sales funnel

A regular sales funnel where customers move through stages from awareness to conversion can be a linear process that usually takes them from an external platform like Instagram, to a website, then to a thank you page. The creation of this sales process is often a long and arduous one that needs constant tweaking and usually you never receive direct feedback from a customer on ‘why’ they didn’t progress to the next step.

However, an Instagram automation funnel is different because it allows businesses to engage with their audience at an earlier stage in the funnel and quickly gauge their interest and preferences in the business. Using chatbots, businesses can educate users who have only shown a passing interest at a faster rate. By understanding the right solution for them, users can quickly build trust with the business through the engaging tone and style of communication provided by the chatbot.



The average length of a conversation that a customer has with a business via a chatbot and live chat.

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How businesses can easily create Instagram funnel

The best part about getting started with AI funnels is it capitalises on things that you’re most likely already doing in your business.

If you’re doing the following, you’re going to find creating an Instagram AI funnel incredibly simple:

  • Posting content to your newsfeed or on reels that is engaging and interesting to your followers
  • Directing people to go to the ‘link in bio’ to find the information about the content you’ve just posted
  • Publishing Instagram stories that often evoke quick reactions (🔥 👏 🙌 etc) or direct replies
  • Have customers tagging you in their stories and posting about your business
  • Hosting Instagram Lives on your own or with someone else

The natural engaging format of Instagram helps you easily shift your messaging from ‘visit the link in my bio’ or ‘tap the link in my story’ to simple calls to action such as:

  • Leave a comment below and I’ll DM you more information
  • React 🔥 to this story to receive more info
  • Comment the keyword ‘[insert keyword here]’ during this live to get more information about this
  • Tag us on Instagram to get this offer

There are several entry points for users to start conversations with a business on Instagram.

By using these entry points, businesses can engage with their audience in a more personalised way and provide more value to their customers.

How customers can start an Instagram DM conversation


Comments on posts

When a user leaves a comment on a post, it provides an opportunity for the business to start a conversation. A chatbot can recognise all or specific words left in comments to send an automated message to start a conversation and provide more value to the user.

Direct keywords

Direct Messages

When users send a message directly to your business' Instagram inbox, a chatbot can recognise keywords in the message to provide quick personalised replies and deliver the information they're looking for.


Replying to Stories

Instagram stories are a great way to engage with your audience. When a user replies to a story, it provides an opportunity for the business to start a conversation and provide more value.

Instagram live comments

Engaging on Instagram Live

Instagram Live is a great way to connect with your audience in real-time. Users can ask questions and leave comments, which can be recognised and then linked automatically as an entry point to start a conversation.

Case Study

How this business gained 1,200+ emails (with $0 ad spend) in 12 days

One of our most successful client campaigns used Instagram funnels to help a business easily achieve customer growth. 

The best part? It was done with $0 ad spend.

The results achieved from the Instagram campaign that 6ft6 ran
The results achieved during the campaign (credit: Manychat)

By utilising the tools available, we helped 6ft6 promote their ‘12 Days of Christmas’ campaign where they had collaborated with multiple other local businesses for daily giveaways.

The goal was to collect new subscribers and email addresses to allow them to follow up and engage with them.

The entry mechanism was simple but extremely effective:

  1. Comment on each of the daily posts tagging a friend in the comments (this also helped achieved maximum organic reach)
  2. The customer would receive an automatic DM to:
    1. Collect their email address (this was immediately was synced with Klaviyo)
    2. Check if they followed the account or not, and prompt them to so they can complete their entry
  3. Once the above was collected the chatbot could check and cater the confirmation message to the customer each day they entered.

The case study was so successful, it was used as an example of best practices on the ManyChat official blog as an industry-leading chat marketing example.

How to get started setting up and Instagram funnel

Now that you understand what Instagram automation funnels are and their benefits, it’s time to get started.

Beginning your initial journey into this world of automation can often seem overwhelming and we understand that new tech can often make you feel out of your depth.

But we’ve trained, taught and worked with hundreds of business owners just like you to make sure you’ve got the right solution to fit your business.

The best way to start is by using a program like Manychat. Manychat is a world-leading chat marketing automation system that makes it simple for you to get started in having more conversations with your customers.

  1. Create a Manychat account: Get an extended 30-day free trial here so you get a chance to make the most of it before you decide to continue or not.
  2. Connect your Instagram account: Connect your professional or creator profile directly to Manychat so it can start to handle conversations on your behalf
  3. Use a template to start: Choose from Manychat’s range of templates or browse our catalogue of free and paid templates here
  4. Keep doing what you’re already doing! As you continue to post, make a simple change to your call to actions= to encourage people to do things that will trigger the chatbot. These behaviours might be things like:
    1. Comment on a post
    2. Direct message a certain keyword
    3. React to an Instagram story
    4. Tag your business in the Instagram stories
    5. Leave a comment with a keyword on an Instagram live

It's time to go have more conversations!

Instagram automation funnels are a powerful way to engage with your audience and improve your sales and conversion rates. By using chatbots, businesses can start conversations with users at an earlier stage in the funnel, provide better customer service, and ultimately save money.

Manychat is an excellent platform to help businesses get started with Instagram automation funnels. With its easy-to-use features and wide range of options, businesses can build successful chatbots that provide value to their audience.

Don’t forget to claim your free ManyChat extended trial today, click here to get your link now



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