The best webinar platform to stay connected during a crisis


Today’s marketing environment has forced businesses like yours and mine to adjust, change and adapt to be able to stay at the forefront of our customer’s minds while ensuring we deliver a message that suits the current scenario.
One of the best ways to help stay connected with your potential customers is delivering events, trainings, sessions and information through an interactive webinar. My tool of choice for webinars – is WebinarNinja
WebinarNinja is a tool that focuses on delivering engaging webinars while capitalised on the business opportunities that the medium creates. Webinars help you:

  • Build a relationship with potential customers.
  • Deliver information in a visual and interactive format.
  • Create authority in your industry by demonstrating your knowledge.

All these tactics help you build one thing – TRUST. Trust is the basis of all successful long term relationships between customers and businesses.
WebinarNinja stands head and shoulders above when it comes to other webinar delivery platforms. Here is why think they’re the best solution currently available around the web.

Ease of use

WebinarNinja has an easy to navigate and the simple user area that means you can get a webinar setup in minutes. The user area contains only what you need and nothing you don’t so you are guided through the whole process of launching, to promoting and to presenting. The presenter studio is also simple and stable so when you go live (or via recorded webinars) you can dictate who sees what and when.


WebinarNinja comes with built in registration and thank you page templates that are optimised for conversion. So you don’t need an external landing page software to take registrations. The templates are editable and customisable as much as you like, so you can build them on brand while ensuring you have the best chance to get as many registrations as possible. WebinarNinja has also setup a range of templated emails that you can edit to confirm registrations and then encourage a high attendance rate through sequenced emails as the webinar is about to go live.
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I’ve rarely ran into usage issues with the platform, but when I have I’ve managed to get direct access to support quickly. They have a team based around the world – including their founder Omar who lives in Sydney – which means that the odd hours I’m often needing support in Australia will be answered sooner rather than later.


WebinarNinja comes with a range of built-in integrations available but the Zapier integration is by far the easiest to use the registration data and input it to any other channels. You can also run paid webinars and WebinarNinja will create a payment form that is connected to your Stripe account (free to register).

Type of Webinars

Most people assume that live webinars are the only option when it comes to running presentations online. With WebinarNinja you can create live, recurring, automated or a hybrid option (part recorded, part live). All options can also require payment to participate.

Coming soon…

The WebinarNinja team are also working hard behind the scenes to revamp the platform and will soon be launching their 6.0 platform with a facelift and even MORE features! Now is the best time to start running online webinars, register for WebinarNinja here.

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