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In today’s fiercely competitive business landscape, running competitions alone may not be enough to maximize leads and sales. Many businesses rely on entry mechanisms like social media actions, such as following an account or tagging a friend, without capturing crucial user information for future engagement. At Chat Response, we understand the untapped potential of chatbot competitions as a superior alternative. Our approach revolutionizes the competition experience by seamlessly integrating engaging entry mechanisms with automated chatbot flows, allowing businesses to effortlessly collect user details and establish valuable follow-up connections.

Recently, we partnered with Your Wines, a renowned producer of quality and affordable cases of wine, to help them overcome their challenges of maintaining open rates and click-through rates with their email campaigns. While they had a loyal customer base, refreshing their database with new, engaged leads became a priority. Recognizing the power of chatbot competitions, we devised a strategy to not only boost engagement but also achieve their sales objectives.

The Chatbot Competition: A Unique Entry Mechanism for Your Wines

The chatbot competition we created for Your Wines was designed to give away a wine fridge, a prize that would attract the attention of wine lovers. Users triggered the automatic reply or flow via Messenger or Instagram, where they were greeted with a chatbot flow.

How we gave away a wine fridge using a chatbot competition for Your Wines

They triggered the flow by commenting on posts, Facebook ads, or sending keywords to the Your Wines account. The flow collected their email and subscription to a DM list, and they were automatically added to Mailchimp. At the end of the entry flow, they were provided with links to purchase products. After the competition, they were sent a DM broadcast with the results and a special offer to purchase for the “lucky losers.”

Results: How the Chatbot Competition Generated Sales for Your Wines

The campaign generated 529 entrants, resulting in a sales conversion rate of 8.88% (47 purchases out of 529 entrants) from the message sent at the end of the campaign. The broadcast message generated $4,169 in total value.

Manychat Broadcast Message results for Your Wines that resulted in $4169 of sales
The initial Broadcast Message to entrants resulted in $4169 of sales

14 days later we followed up with the same entrants for an additional $2,270 in sales. This brought the total value of the campaign to $5,077.

The 2nd Manychat Broadcast Message results for Your Wines that resulted in $2270 of sales
14 Days later we sent another Broadcast Message that resulted in an additional $2270 of sales

The total investment in the campaign, including the cost of the prize and Facebook Ads, was $817 resulting in a total ROI of 788.12% for the campaign.


Total Sales




Conversion Rate


Total Entrants


Total Investment


Overall ROI

Key Takeaways: How Chatbot Competitions Can Benefit Your Ecommerce Business

This chatbot competition campaign’s success came down to a few key factors:
  1. Choosing the right prize:

    We chose a prize that would attract the attention of Your Wines’ target audience and get them excited about triggering the chatbot flow.

  2. A streamlined entry process:

    By using Messenger and Instagram, we made it easy for users to trigger the chatbot flow and engage with Your Wines.

  3. An effective follow-up message:

    The message sent at the end of the campaign not only provided the results but also offered a special deal for those who didn’t win. This helped convert entrants into buyers and generate additional sales.

  4. Time and cost efficiency:

    Creating a simple chatbot flow was more efficient and took less time than setting up a landing page, writing copy, and creating thank you pages, making it a cost-effective solution for Your Wines.

Overall, this campaign was a great success for Your Wines, and we were thrilled to help them achieve such amazing results.

By creating a chatbot campaign that was fun, engaging, and provided real value to their target audience, we were able to refresh their database, generate new sales, and build more loyal customers.

Start building you own chatbot competition today!

Competition Giveaway ManyChat Template

Competition & Giveaway Template

This ManyChat template helps you run a competition or giveaway to collect user information for entries that are triggered by multiple entry points built-in to the template



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