Chatbot Tools we use and recommend

Some of the below tools and resources are affiliate links to products that we highly recommend and have used before or currently still do. At no additional cost to you we will receive a commission if you decide to purchase them. We’re happy to answer any questions on the below products if you’re not sure about them or need clarification from someone that has used them before.

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Manychat is the #1 Chatbot Marketing Platform in the world. With over 2+ Million businesses using the platform, it has consistently doubled its userbase over the past few years.

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Manychat acts as the central hub to setup, manage and grow your Chatbot. It connects to ALL your messaging channels (Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, SMS and Email) and links them to hundreds of available integrations to bring your chatbot to life.

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Botsheets is one of the simplest yet most effective tools that we use to add additional features to a Chatbot. It integrates directly with Google Sheets to allow businesses to create code-free databases. These databases can be used to directories and catalogs such as store locations, stock availability, hospitality sales systems, real estate properties PLUS much more. Find out how we use Botsheets for our Store Locator Chatbot

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Janis.AI helps take your basic, simple Chatbot to an advanced and personalised solution that can better understand the background, context and uniqueness of the messages from your customers. It links directly to Google’s Dialogflow AI system without the need for advanced coding or development. Teams can use Janis to collaborate on Slack to monitor customer conversations and alert them when it’s time for human intervention.


Generating leads in your Chatbot is as simple as it’s ever been, but it relies on a smart email system to further nurture and convert those leads. ActiveCampaign is our system of choice and it integrates directly with Manychat. You can pass all the relevant use information between the two systems and seamlessly continue the conversation from messaging inbox to email inbox.


Chatbots are perfect for ecommerce businesses and Manychat’s direct integration with Shopify allows you to easily send abandon carts, discount codes, purchase confirmations PLUS much more. Easily measure and report on your Chatbots success by getting a direct revenue amount generated from users in your Chatbot. Shopify is one of the largest ecommerce platforms in the world and allows a lot of personalisation when it comes to creating a great customer chat experience.


Being able to integrate with #1 Website Building Platform (WordPress) means that Woocommerce can add a huge amount of flexibility to your ecommerce presence. Manychat can integrate directly to send discount codes and track the overall Chatbot performance to measure its impact on your store.

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Message Media

To help support our Aussie customers in their SMS marketing efforts, we recommend and use Message Media to handle our text message marketing. Founded in Australia with local based support, Message Media compliments our chat marketing efforts with personalised SMS marketing efforts. It’s cost effective, simple to use and utlises the +61 country code to make our local based marketing efforts much more effective.

For customers in USA, Canada and UK we use Manychat’s own SMS marketing service to allow for interactive two-way conversations. Sign up for a 30 Day FREE Trial of Manychat PRO here


Zapier brings the ability to integrate your Chatbot with over 1,000+ apps on their platform. Think of them like the ‘middle-man’ that passes data between two different programs. These integrations are what take our Chatbots from boring and bland to systemised, revenue-generating machines that help automate positive customer experiences with businesses.