How we used a Chatbot competition on Facebook to gather over 4,000 emails


We helped 6ft6 Wine collect over 4,000 emails using a Messenger Chatbot for a Facebook competition.

The Campaign Goal

Help boost entries for a competition and collect as much data as possible to assist with future marketing efforts.

The background of the campaign

6ft6 had originally established a Chatbot in 2019 but laid dormant with subscribers who weren’t making the most of it. For this competition they were running, they wanted to start utilizing the Chatbot and its functionality and to gain insights on comparing the value and costs of gathering leads, compared to other methods. 

The offer they had was a large scale sale and grand prize worth over $2k. The competition ran over the course of a month and it had weekly prizes which drove customers back to the website to continue checking if they had won or not. 

The overall goal for 6ft6 was to grow their email database, they wanted to add 10,000 total email subscribers through all competition entry mechanisms. The goal was based on the value of the subscribers to their business and the value of the future of the sales from growing their database further. 

This overall strategy of growing data that the business owns is something we aim to achieve with every client.

How we did it

To help hit that goal and utilize the Chatbot, we created really simple flows that came from a variety of sources directly into Facebook Messenger only. At the time, Instagram Chatbots didn’t have much of the functionality that is currently available.  

The initial goal and entry method was to collect the customer’s email address. Using the built-in feature of automatically displaying the customer’s email address attached to their Facebook account, we were able to make it simple to enter. 

Once we collect their email address it was then automatically synced with their email database system so they can contact them on multiple channels. 

We then wanted to see how much extra data we could get from the user and we did this by gamifying the entry process to give bonus entries with the more tasks they completed.  

Throughout the message flow, we would ask customers for different data sources including:

  • Liking the 6ft6 Facebook page
  • Joining the private 6ft6s Facebook group 
  • Following 6ft6 on Instagram
  • Submit their month their Birthday was in for Birthday offers
  • Enter their postcode for more localised offers
  • Enter their phone number  

One of the big ones for this personal data was getting the customer’s phone number to send out SMS marketing. This also assisted in any future sales of large ticket items that required sales calls. 

Lastly, if customers wanted a free discount at the end, we asked them to opt-in for a one-time notification – the free token that allows us to send a message at any time without paying for it and still abides by the Facebook 24-hour rule.

There were quite a number of different steps and entries that 6ft6 could gain from customers. The more behaviours 6ft6 performed with the Chatbot, the more entries they gained from customers, and the higher the customers chances were of winning a prize. We collected all this data within Manychat and kept a backup of the data in Google Sheets to help draw a winner at the end.

Conclusions and recommendations

  • 4,352 emails were collected directly from Messenger (overall, there were 14,500 emails from all entry methods)
  • Facebook Messenger Ads had an opt-in cost of $0.68 per lead
  • 2,140 Page Likes of the 6ft6 Facebook Page
  • 1,291 people joined the private 6ft6 Facebook Group 
  • 1,458 Followed 6ft6 on Instagram
  • 996 phone numbers
  • 862 Postcodes were submitted
  • 608 ‘Month Of Births’ were submitted
  • 1,008 opted in to receive the follow up message through the One Time Notification opt-in. This message had a 99% open rate. 

Lessons learned:

  • People love unique offers
  • Make the most of value adds that don’t impact your margins
  • Stay consistent throughout your campaigns



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