Influencers: here is how you can double the price of your collabs

influencers here is how you can double the price of your partnership offers


Influencer marketing has emerged as one of the quickest and most effective ways of building a customer base for business and personal brands. With social media and influencer marketing being such an integrated part of our lives, it’s no surprise that consumers are turning to their favourite influencers for recommendations and advice when it comes to purchasing decisions. 

The current state of influencer marketing

Social media has opened the opportunity for regular people to build their brand through creating online content and engagement. According to the Digital Marketing Institute, 49% of consumers depend on influencer recommendations and 40% purchase something after seeing it on Instagram.

When it comes to products, services, brands and recommendations, 61% of consumers are likely to trust their friends, family and influencers over brands directly. Only 38% said they would trust recommendations directly from a brand on social media platforms. 

82% of consumers say they’re likely to have either purchased, researched, or considered purchasing a product or service based on the recommendation of an influencer they follow. Consumers want to be hearing about products and services from other consumers, and influencers’ lifestyles are more relatable than a big brand or celebrity endorsement. 

One of the common things businesses aren’t sure about is the exact return that influencers can provide to their business. By installing a Chatbot, you can create more objective analysis and reporting to be able to pass on to the partners to justify the spend. Then you are also able to give real tangible evidence to their return that the influencer, or you as an influencer, has given to the business. 

How a Chatbot can help influencers

A Chatbot can assist influencers by automating some basic and advanced actions that help influencers still communicate in a personable manner while helping grow their following and brand. 

By capitalising on some simple behaviours that influencers often have increased numbers of, they can quickly create a further engaged and invaluable audience. A Chatbot can automate replies and reactions to the following triggers on Instagram:

  • Reply to comments on news feed posts automatically
    • Your Chatbot gives you the ability to choose all or individual posts
    • Select all or specific words in comments
    • Create multiple variables of your reply to comments
    • Like comments automatically
  • Keywords or phrases that are sent directly to the influencer’s inbox can be understood and recognised so replies can be sent based on what the follower sent.
  • Followers can also triggers messages to be sent by replying directly to stories posted. The replies can be specific or all words and reactions, with controls able to be placed on what is sent and to which follower.
  • Comments on Instagram Live streams can also trigger a Chatbot to reply. This is particularly useful when you can rely on a system that can direct the follower to the source of information or offer that the influencer is presenting about during the Instagram Live. 

Another one of the most significant benefits that Chatbots can provide influencers is capturing contact information to create a database that you maintain as an influencer (or business). 

You can easily do this by collecting contact information, such as email or phone numbers or other information relevant to you as an influencer, via the messages the Chatbot automatically sends. 

Creating a database where you can contact potential customers directly via other channels outside of social media, makes you more reliable to future partners. 

With organic rates dropping and algorithms changing, it’s becoming more difficult for influencers to precisely predict impressions, engagement and results that content will receive. 

Adding the ability to contact a subscriber database that has given permission to be contacted, immediately makes you more valuable to partners that are wanting to collab with influencers that can deliver more predictable results. 

Using the Chatbot to show success

A Chatbot can help measure the overall success and analysis of a campaign with a partner by tracking the engagement and redemption from the follower base. 

As followers interact with the Chatbot, you can capture these engagements to produce accurate and impressive case studies to drive future collaborations, making you more valuable to increase the prices that you’re offering partners. 

How to install a Chatbot on your Instagram profile? 

Installing a Chat to your Instagram account is an easy and simple process.

  1. You need a professional or creator account
  2. Connect Manychat to your Instagram – click here to get 30 Days Manychat Professional for free
  3. Setup ‘Growth Tools’ to implement the strategies previously mentioned
  4. Create campaigns using the Growth Tools 

The easiest way to implement these strategies is to set up your Chatbot with a pre-set template. 

Our Influencer Manychat Templates

Our templates are designed to get a Chatbot off the ground quickly. Once you have connected your ManyChat, you can install a Chatbot easily. You need to change the key information without worrying about the technical setup. 

There are both free and paid versions of our Influencer Collaboration templates. They’re ready to go so you can start capitalising on your engagement and creating more valuable partner campaigns for the future. 

View our Manychat Templates for influencers below:

  • Content Collaboration Influencer Pro

  • Content Creator ManyChat Template



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