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Introducing our Conversations Roadmap sessions

Think of it like a fast-tracked journey to where you want your chatbot to be - without the multiple stumbling blokes along the way...

Revolutionise your marketing strategy with Conversations Roadmap! Our personalised 1-on-1 sessions provide a comprehensive overview of your business, highlighting how chatbots can enhance your marketing efforts.

We dive deep into your business, exploring your systems, integrations, and available resources. By mapping out your target audience’s customer journey, we provide recommendations to increase conversions at key touchpoints.

You’ll receive a final document with three clear action steps to help you focus and achieve your goals. Keep it handy as a reference whenever you need it.

Bringing your conversations to life...​

The Process to Profitable Conversations

Our process is designed to make the most of your time, focus on what matters most and keep you informed at every step of the way

Pre-session Questionnaire
We'll give you a list of questions before your session to help you prepare and maximise your time. These questions will get you thinking and provide an overview of the topics we'll cover during the session.
Conversations Roadmap
Roadmap Session
In the session, we'll identify the crucial areas for you to focus on to have more profitable conversations. We'll outline your customer journey and touchpoints, and demonstrate how chat marketing can enhance success in each vital interaction.
Post Session Presentation
Based on the key learnings and discussions from your Roadmap Session, we'll create a detailed document that outlines clear steps and recommendations for your next focus. We'll then present this to you and allow time for questions and clarification.
Execute your Roadmap
You have the tools and recommendations to confidently have more profitable conversations with your customers. The document is yours to keep, and we can discuss future collaboration options.
15-30 Minutes
90 Minutes
5-7 Days

Get started with Conversations Roadmap and start seeing the results you want in your business today.

Sessions are $599. Booking link is provided once payment is confirmed.

What does a Conversations Roadmap session include?

We use this session to learn more about your business, your services and your products to help outline how you can have more profitable conversations with your target market. 

We product a detailed document to help give you the clarity you need and execute however you like. 

Of course, we will outline how we can help further but the conversations roadmap document is yours to keep – forever.

Exploring all the moving parts

We map out the systems, and integrations plus the who, what, where, why & when so it matches with the resources you have available.

Essentially, to make sure we’re all on the same page and there are no surprises that aren’t considered.

Define what success looks like

Based on the above, we define what the systems need to deliver (conversions) to cover all your costs.

Essentially, so we all know when we’ve hit a home run.

Create and prioritise a plan to execute

You will get a clear plan that matches the system and your goals with the capabilities of the tools required so you know what to focus on and how to get there.

Essentially, so you have a clear idea of the next steps and which priority to take them.

Download a sample Conversations Roadmap

Preview what to expect in your document and how we produce it so you can get a clear understanding of what your Conversations Strategy will look like.

In the preview we:

  • Outline the sections
  • Explain the importance of each element
  • How clients have used it before
  • Your 1-page guide to having better conversations 

Common questions about the Conversations Roadmap

We understand that budgets can be tight for small business owners. However, investing in chat marketing can help you see a significant return on investment without wasting precious time and money figuring out what works. 

Think of this session like a fast-tracked journey to where you want your chatbot to be – without the multiple stumbling blokes along the way

With Conversations Roadmap, we provide personalised recommendations to help you focus your efforts and maximise your ROI.

Regardless of your industry, audience or stage in your business – we haven’t found a business we can’t help yet!

These sessions are part ‘overall marketing’ strategy and and part ‘chat marketing’ strategy. We find that most businesses get a lot of worthwhile feedback to use in other areas of their business as well, making it a really valuable exercise for all businesses to do.

Chat marketing can help you streamline your sales process and increase conversions, which can be beneficial for any type of business. As consumer behaviours shifts, it places an increased importance on levels of service, purchasing ability and personalising all elements of your business to the customer.

We’ll show you the proof, statistics and opportunities in this growing industry to help you identify the areas where chat marketing can enhance your marketing strategy and grow your business.

We understand that finding the time (and mental space) to focus on your business can be challenging and we want you to know that we’re here to help. We can work with you to find a time that suits your schedule and also split the session into manageable chunks so you stay on track and your time is never taken for granted.

You can invite as many key staff members as you like to attend the session, we recommend bringing the most relevant people to keep the session on track and focused.

Our goal is to provide you with the clarity you need and identify the areas where you should focus your efforts. So, relax and feel confident that you’re in good hands.

We’ll let you in on a little secret: we’re not developers or coders. (Is Javascript a city in Indonesia?!) And we understand that new tech can be overwhelming but we’ll never make you feel out of your depth.

Because your roadmap is personalised for your business, we can create a strategy that doesn’t get ‘in the weeds’ so things are kept foundational and you can focus on what works. 

Our goal is to provide you with the recommendations you actually need, so you can feel confident and achieve results every step of the way. Don’t get distracted by what’s irrelevant – let us help you stay on track and make the most of chat marketing in your business.

What people say?

They’re one of the few businesses who truly understands Facebook Messenger to generate sales
Ali Terai
Future Golf
Dan is my 'go-to' guy for chatbot marketing. His knowledge of the space and ability of the team at Chat Response to problem solve while generating business outcomes is second to none. They have helped us build on existing campaigns with clients to deliver results that we simply couldn't have envisaged without their expertise
Loren Bartley
This has been one of the best ROI things I’ve done in my business
Julia Jones
Newborn Mothers
When I first met Dan from Chat Response, I thought I knew lots about chatbots and what they do (or can’t do). I was wrong. Daniel has his finger well and truly on the pulse of all things chatbots and is now my go-to for anything related. I am always confident in referring work to Chat Response, and we do so on a regular basis.
Bonnie Borland
Oliver Grace

Our Results

We generated over 8,000 sales for The Masque Co. throughout the pandemic using a Messenger and Website Chatbot

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We’ve helped 6ft6 get 4,300+ email entries for a competition using a Facebook and Instagram chatbot

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We’ve answered over 80% of customer queries and questions automatically by integrating AI into the Chatbot for Twenty39 and their qarbo product

Your Roadmap Tour Guide

Meet Dan Pinne.

Dan is the go-to guy for creating profitable chat marketing strategies for businesses.

He does this by focusing on how companies can have more conversations with their customers.

Because more conversations equal more revenue.

As an early adopter of chat marketing, he’s faced a few challenges along the way. From the never-ending changes and updates, scepticism from peers about its effectiveness and all while growing a business that is 100% centred around chat marketing. He knows what works and is now a leader in the industry.

His style of teaching and collaboration is to the point and focuses on maximising results with minimal resources.

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