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What does a Conversations Roadmap session include?

We use this session to learn more about your business, your services and your products to help outline how you can have more profitable conversations with your target market. 

We product a detailed document to help give you the clarity you need and execute however you like. 

Of course, we will outline how we can help further but the conversations roadmap document is yours to keep – forever.

Your Investment

Elevate your marketing strategy with a Conversations Roadmap

Personalised 1-on-1 session with a chat marketing expert
Personalised 1-on-1 session with a chat marketing expert
Tailored recommendations to enhance your marketing strategy
Get immediate access to book your session
Get clarity and prioritise your focus to increase conversions

Introducing our Conversations Roadmap sessions

Think of it like a fast-tracked journey to where you want your chatbot to be - without the multiple stumbling blokes along the way...

Revolutionise your marketing strategy with Conversations Roadmap! Our personalised 1-on-1 sessions provide a comprehensive overview of your business, highlighting how chatbots can enhance your marketing efforts.

We dive deep into your business, exploring your systems, integrations, and available resources. By mapping out your target audience’s customer journey, we provide recommendations to increase conversions at key touchpoints.

You’ll receive a final document with three clear action steps to help you focus and achieve your goals. Keep it handy as a reference whenever you need it.

Bringing your conversations to life...​

The Process to Profitable Conversations

Our process is designed to make the most of your time, focus on what matters most and keep you informed at every step of the way

Pre-session Questionnaire
We'll give you a list of questions before your session to help you prepare and maximise your time. These questions will get you thinking and provide an overview of the topics we'll cover during the session.
Conversations Roadmap
Roadmap Session
In the session, we'll identify the crucial areas for you to focus on to have more profitable conversations. We'll outline your customer journey and touchpoints, and demonstrate how chat marketing can enhance success in each vital interaction.
Post Session Presentation
Based on the key learnings and discussions from your Roadmap Session, we'll create a detailed document that outlines clear steps and recommendations for your next focus. We'll then present this to you and allow time for questions and clarification.
Execute your Roadmap
You have the tools and recommendations to confidently have more profitable conversations with your customers. The document is yours to keep, and we can discuss future collaboration options.
15-30 Minutes
90 Minutes
5-7 Days

Get started with Conversations Roadmap and start seeing the results you want in your business today.

Sessions are $599. Booking link is provided once payment is confirmed.