The Foot Traffic Chatbot​

Drive visitors and showcase products with this powerful Chatbot​

The Foot Traffic Chatbot helps you showcase databases of locations, products, information or stock to help customers find immediate answers. 

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Watch the video to find out more…

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The benefits of the Foot Traffic Chatbot

We understand how this Chatbot can fit into your overall marketing strategy to complement and scale it’s potential impact

It’s completely code-free, simple to setup and manage from your phone.

The database is available at all times so you can easily update it so customers are always getting the most up to date information. 

Customers that have taken initiative to message a business are 51% more likely to convert. Being able to immediately answer requests for locations, stock or availability; increases conversions and decreases potential lost sales.

Sync directly with other key software systems in your business to show live availability and deliver accurate information.

The Foot Traffic Bot has two-way integreation with CRM, booking, email, ecommerce and POS systems to get a 360′ view of the customer and the business.

Love numbers and want to know exactly how your chatbot and your subscribers are impacting your business? You’re our type of person! Our reporting dashboards are linked to track your subscribers, leads generated, sales made and insights about who they are.

It’s always up to date and available whenever you want so it’s transparent and allows both of us to adjust the strategy if needed.

What is the Foot Traffic Chatbot?

Common questions about this Chatbot

How does it the Foot Traffic Chatbot actually work?

We integrate your Manychat account with a Google Sheet. This is where you customise your ‘database’ to display the right information to your customers.

Can the information be customised to my business?

Yes! The information can be displayed in multiple different formats combining images, text & links to showcase your business.

Can this only be used for businesses with multiple locations?

No, this chatbot is incredibly flexible to suit businesses of all types. Being a fully customisable database means there are multiples ways that it can deliver value to your business. 

This Chatbot is perfect for these business types & industries..


  • Help customers find their closest stores and locations
  • Check stock levels and availability at each location


  • Generate an engaging and searchable menu
  • Setup internal food delivery & take-away ordering systems

Real Estate

  • Showcase properties available for sale and rent
  • Automate and sync inspection and enquiry processes


  • Show a product catalog that is synced directly with an online store
  • Return search results for product types or categories


  • Allow customers to search and explore current cars for sale
  • Create and track leads and potential customers

Health & Fitness

  • Show fitness class timetables and information
  • Allow members and potential members to easily book

The Foot Traffic Chatbot

The technology behind the Chatbot

We're proud advocates of Manychat

Manychat is the #1 Chatbot Marketing Platform in the world. With over 2+ Million businesses using the platform, it has consistently doubled its userbase over the past few years.

Manychat acts as the central hub to setup, manage and grow your Chatbot. It connects to ALL your messaging channels (Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, SMS and Email) and links them to hundreds of available integrations to bring your chatbot to life.

This Chatbot is powered by Botsheets

Botsheets logo - white text and graphic on a green background

Botsheets is one of the simplest yet most effective tools that we use to add additional features to a Chatbot. It integrates directly with Google Sheets to allow businesses to create code-free databases. These databases can be used to directories and catalogs such as store locations, stock availability, hospitality sales systems, real estate properties PLUS much more.

Botsheets has a ‘freemium’ model with some features available for free and licenses starting from $19/mth.

Ongoing Management​

We'll set it up and do the ongoing management​
$ 197
  • Creation of the database
  • Setup Botsheets & Manychat
  • Monthly updates
  • Botsheets license included
best value

The Foot Traffic Chatbot Template Only

Get started and setup yourself
$ 497
  • Get access to the template and directions
  • No ongoing costs
  • Monthly updates & support
  • Botsheets license included

The Foot Traffic Chatbot Template PLUS Installation

We'll do the installation for you
$ 797
  • We'll install it for you
  • Get access to the template
  • Monthly updates & support
  • Botsheets license included

Why Chat Response Isn’t Your Average Chatbot Agency

We’ve learnt that exceptional customer service was the #1 priority for 99% of businesses out there. And when you think customer service and ‘bots’ well…history says they often don’t deliver on expectations.

We’ll work with you to develop engaging sales and marketing tactics to grow your customer database, educate and qualify leads while upselling, cross-selling and dealing with everything in between.

We are an Australian based chatbot marketing agency that helps your business deliver outstanding and unique online experiences for your customers.


Understanding your overall business, what you’re trying to achieve and how a Chatbot can contribute to that – is something we’re really proud of. 

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