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In this blog post, I’m going to show you how to increase your customer loyalty with a free loyalty program delivered ALL within Facebook Messenger. It’s an incredibly powerful way to encourage more people to use the program, get them to return to your business more often and capitalise on the ongoing marketing opportunities that Messenger provides.

How the program works

There are three main parts to this program. The promotion, the point of sale and the redemption. For this example, we’re using a cafe that awards a free coffee for every 10 purchased, but you can replace the number and item to whatever you like for your own business. Step 1: Get them into the program It’s useless having this program and no-one knowing about it. Basic promotional strategies can be effective both online and in person. Putting a URL or a Messenger scan code (every profile has these) on menus, payment points, coasters and entry points can help alert the customers that they can participate for free. Step 2: Customer subscribes to the loyalty program Once they’re subscribed, the customer can view their ongoing tally to see how far away they are from redeeming their reward and their loyalty code that is used to record their purchase. This code is unique to each user and pops up with a QR code to be scanned by staff when they complete a purchase. Opening Messsage Step 3: Staff record each purchase at the point of sale When a customer purchases a coffee, the staff use a QR code scanner (Google Chrome app also has one) to scan the customer’s loyalty card. It’s important that this is done on the same device that the administrator for the Messenger Chatbot (inside their Manychat account) is signed into to Messenger. This is how it prevents misuse from customers scanning fake purchases. When the code is scanned, it recognises the user and they are awarded one point for every scan/purchase (depending on the program you have implemented) Step 4: Customer redeems their reward When the customer has reached the pre-set number of purchases, they present the award to the staff member. The staff member then presses the button to redeem the purchase and the customer’s tally is reset to 0.

Why customer is loyalty is so important in 2018

One of the biggest numbers that is becoming increasingly important to businesses is a customer’s lifetime value (LTV). It’s important especially for models that have a regular transaction with their customer such as gyms, subscription businesses or utility providers. Having a better grasp on a customer’s LTV also helps you judge the success of your advertising campaigns. If you initial sale/acquisition has barely broken even from a profit standpoint, then knowing the LTV will help you determine if your advertising is effective or not. As business owners, we know it’s far cheaper to keep an existing customer then it is to acquire a new one. That’s why when you always ring up your pay TV, bank or phone company for a better deal you are more likely to get it. Companies know that they can’t afford to lose you and have to spend extra trying to get another one of you, so they will usually give you what you ask for if you recommit to their business. Using a loyalty program that is simple and cost-effective to execute is well worth it for the ongoing benefits that lie in the data and marketing analysis that companies can perform.

How you could implement this program

A customer loyalty program through Messenger is just the tip of the iceberg. Once you have them subscribed you can draw all sorts of information from them. Additional benefits of a program implementation like this could be:
  • Collect email addresses to send other offers and information.
  • Send broadcast messages via Messenger with the latest promotions and information.
  • Take bookings for your venue and connect it directly to your third-party systems.
  • Send videos, audio and images to people that are your most loyal customers.
  • Trigger messages to remind people to visit after they haven’t claimed a coffee for a certain period.
  • …plus much more.
A loyalty program such as this is only as good as the awareness around it. You need to drive people through to it and make them aware it’s there. You can create both online and offline promotions such as:
  • Signs around the venue and at the payment points.
  • Notices on the menu.
  • Social media coverage across Facebook:
    • Pinning a post to the top of the page to make people aware of it.
    • Changing the cover photo directing people to the message button.
    • Using videos to explain how the program works.
  • Publish information across your website:
    • Create videos showing how it works.
    • Use a link in the menu that links directly to the messenger bot.
    • Submitting it to Facebook’s directory for people in the area to find messenger bots that they’re searching for.
We can provide all of this – including the promotional assets – to help get this program off the ground in the space of 7 days. Interested? Find out more about our bot building service here

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