Creating a lead generation chatbot to increase conversion rates


How to setup lead generation chatbots to increase conversion rates

In recent years, chatbots have become an increasingly popular way for businesses to improve their lead-generation efforts.

One of the main platforms where chatbots are being used is Facebook and Instagram, which have over 3 billion monthly active users combined. This article will explore how chatbots on Facebook and Instagram can be used and how they help improve lead generation efforts.

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How can chatbots gather leads on Facebook and Instagram?

Businesses can use the conversational behaviour of Chatbots to create more engaged leads that hold their attention before capturing the information a business needs.

The lead’s contact details can be easily saved and directly integrated into other platforms such as CRMs, email systems or google sheets with zero coding experience required.

The user experience in messaging apps allows contact information such as email and phone numbers to be easily submitted as they draw the details directly from the customer’s social profiles.

Shortening the time it takes to submit contact information increases the chances of capturing the data and the likelihood of the customer converting further.

How a lead generating chatbot saves on time and resources

“Just setup a landing page” they said. “It’ll be easy” they said.

Meanwhile, you’re 3 coffees deep doing overtime to get the landing page designed, copy approved and you haven’t even started the CRM integration yet!

Creating the experience for customers to submit their data is as simple as:

  • Writing 3-5 paragraphs of copy
  • Setting up the questions for the user to answer
  • Connect it directly to your email/CRM system (if applicable)

To make it even easier, we’ve created a free template to help easily setup lead generation efforts in your chatbot.

The ‘Landing Page Killler’ ManyChat template includes:

  • Variations of message flows to collect different pieces of information
  • Instructional video that talks you through ManyChat flows
  • Ability to sync with Google Sheets or directions on how to integrate with other platforms

Why chatbots are better compared to other Lead Generation tactics

Chatbots offer several advantages compared to other lead generation efforts such as:

Higher Engagement Rates: Chatbots provide a conversational and interactive experience for users, which can help increase engagement rates.

Increased Conversions: Chatbots can provide personalised recommendations and guide users through the buying process, which can help increase conversion rates. We’ve found that chatbot users are 2.5x more likely to convert.

Early Stage Conversions: Chatbots can be used to gather conversions earlier in the customer sales funnel, as they can be integrated into platforms such as Facebook and Instagram, instead of having to get the customer to a website.

Cost-effective: Chatbots can reduce the workload on customer support teams and provide 24/7 support, which can help reduce costs.

Examples of how businesses can use chatbots for lead generation

E-commerce businesses looking to collect email addresses and phone numbers to follow up with potential customers and boost sales.

B2B businesses looking to generate leads and collect contact information from potential clients in a more streamlined way than traditional landing pages or forms.

Service-based businesses such as consultants, coaches, or agencies who want to collect leads and schedule consultations or appointments through the chatbot.

Event-based businesses such as conferences or trade shows who want to capture contact information from attendees in real-time.

Non-profit organisations looking to collect donations or sign-ups for volunteer opportunities through a conversational chatbot.

Subscription-based businesses looking to collect opt-ins from potential customers interested in receiving updates or promotions.

Overall, chatbots on Facebook and Instagram can help businesses improve their lead generation efforts by providing personalised recommendations, collecting user data, and guiding users through the buying process.

They offer several advantages over other lead generation efforts such as higher engagement rates, increased conversions, early stage conversions, and cost-effectiveness.

To get started in implementing a lead-generation chatbot on your Facebook and Instagram pages, download our free chatbot template here:



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