How to make more sales this holiday season

make more sales this holiday season using chatbots


During an upcoming online workshop, we’re going to show you our highly effective tactics for using chatbots to make more sales over the holiday and festive period.

As we enter one of the busiest periods of the year for e-commerce businesses, a familiar challenge appears as to how you can make the most of the increased attention, engagement and traffic during this period.

But 2022 has brought its own set of challenges that we need to consider. The rising costs and inflation has seen consumers tighten their spending habits and be more cautious in their decision-making processes.

The strategies we’ll cover to help you make more sales using chatbots

During the free online workshop, we’ll cover off the following key tactics and strategies to show you how you can utilise chatbots in your marketing strategy.

  • How to turn comments into sales
  • How to personalise messages to accelerate the buyer journey
  • How to track buyer intent and send highly targeted offers and cart abandonment messages
  • How to easily capture and use contact data across all your digital channels

During the session, we’ll also reveal the key mistake that most businesses are making when it comes to their chat marketing strategy.

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What we'll be covering during the workshop

How to accelerate the customer sales journey

Find out how you can begin a conversation through the awareness stage to bridge the gap to a converted customer with these unique conversational tactics

Where to get started - for FREE

Find out how to start chatting with customers with simple steps to set up, engage and start chatting - completely free.

Free Holiday season planning checklist

Grab my free download on how to plan your promotional and conversational tactics in lead up to and during key holiday dates and sales periods.

Ideas on how to amplify your existing strategy this holiday period

We'll delve into real case studies across 3 different businesses and how they used chat marketing to accelerate sales and growth

Automate AND personalise conversations

Chatbots CAN be useful AND automated without annoying the customer. Find out how to communicate and automate without replacing the human touch

How to unlock simple lead generation tactics

Generating leads and sales from social media comments with these unique conversational tactics that are scarcely utilised but are right under business owner's noses!

Get access to real-life case-studies

Discover how we generated nearly a 3x more valuable customer using a simple chatbot integration

Find out how we created over 1,800 new email subscribers in the space of 12 days with $0 ad spend

We reveal how Twenty39 consistently generate automated sales each month using a chatbot

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Learn How to Create Click-to-Message Ads That Convert at a 66% Higher Rate >>

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