Maximise your profits this Xmas with Chatbots


I’ll be hosting an upcoming training session to show how businesses can capitalise on the Xmas rush with the use of Facebook Messenger Chatbots. These live training sessions will show you how you can increase the opportunities for new and future business by implementing a Facebook Messenger Chatbot.

What we’ll cover…

What a Facebook Messenger Chatbot is and how they function, work and help your business. Why Messenger Marketing is an increasingly popular and beneficial marketing tactic for all types of businesses. Live examples of how they work, what the business and the user sees when they message your page. How to implement them in 20 minutes into your business

Why you should come…

Whether you like it or not, customers want to find information on their terms, in their environment and how they feel comfortable doing it. This means that users are more commonly turning to Facebook Messenger to contact pages for information – regardless of whether it’s readily available on your website or with a simple Google search. In fact, over 1.3 Billion people use Facebook Messenger every single month and the rise of Messaging apps have seen them become the #1 most used app on our phone.

Who is it for?

It’s ideal for businesses that are looking for two main benefits in their marketing:
  • Reduce costs and time associated with customer engagement, communication and management.
  • Increase opportunities to engage, qualify and capitalise from customers that actively seek a conversation with you.

When is it?

We’ve scheduled four LIVE webinars (each will be different) across various times and days to suit different time-zones around the world. Each webinar will last less than 60 minutes and you have lifetime access to a recording of the webinar so you can view it whenever you like.

Live Webinar 1:

Tuesday 20th November at 9:00am (AEST) – Time converter

Live Webinar 2:

Tuesday 20th November at 7:00pm (AEST) – Time converter

Live Webinar 3:

Wednesday 21st November at 6:00pm (AEST) – Time converter

Live Webinar 4:

Thursday 22nd November at 12:00pm (AEST) – Time converter

How do I register and how much does it cost?

It costs $10 to reserve your seat. Why? Because I only have a limited amount of spots available on the webinar and I like to work with people that value the information they receive. Put simply, if you put your money where your mouth is then it is more likely you will put into action what I teach during the session. Via Facebook Messenger (of course). Click the button below to choose your spot and complete your payment ALL within Messenger. You will be prompted to login to Facebook if you’re not already…

[button size=’large’ style=” text=’SAVE YOUR SPOT ON THE WEBINAR’ icon=” icon_color=” link=’′ target=’_self’ color=’#ffffff’ hover_color=’#ffffff’ border_color=’#ffffff’ hover_border_color=” background_color=’#2e95d9′ hover_background_color=’#267bb3′ font_style=’normal’ font_weight=” text_align=’center’ margin=’5′]

Why it’s important

EVERY business is starting from scratch with chatbots. Literally, everyone has 0 subscribers and you can’t go out and buy a list of Messenger subscribers like you can emails or followers. So it’s best to get on top of it now before you start behind the 8-ball in 2019. Also, the cost of Facebook Ads will rise during the most expensive period of the year, so being able to complement your Facebook Strategy with a Messenger Chatbot is a wise idea if you want to make the most of your profit margins.

About Webinars and FAQ

What is a Webinar? Think of it like a ‘web seminar’. We’ll be presenting live on screen, you will hear us, see the slides and information and you can interact in the live chat window. All you need to do is sit back, learn and think about how you can implement those lessons into your business straight away. Will you sell to me on the webinar? We’ll be providing up to an hour of valuable and actionable insights that you can put into practice straight away. We will provide an opportunity at the end that is completely optional and expands on the information provided. We hate salesy and spammy webinars as much as the next person so we’ll always make sure this is about you, your frustrations and how we can help. What if I can’t make those times? All good! We’ll be sending a recap to participants that couldn’t make it with a replay of the webinar so make sure you still register. Of course, if you’re not there in the live webinar it means you can’t actively participate in the live chat or the live Q&A session but you can always get in touch with us via email afterwards if you have any more questions. How do I attend? The great thing about webinars is you can attend from wherever you are around the world. From your office, the local cafe to the the comfort of your own home in your pyjamas, you just need an internet connection to join and listen and you’re good to go! Do I need to install anything before hand or do I need any special equipment? We host our webinars on Zoom but we also live stream them to our special Facebook Group (you will receive the link when you register) so you can watch it there if you don’t want to download Zoom to watch and interact during the webinar. Can I participate and interact during the webinar? Of course! We’d love you to interact in the live chat throughout the webinar. We’ll be asking questions throughout to get you to interact with us AND we’ll have a live question & answer session at the end where we’ll answer questions submitted throughout the webinar. How many people will be on the webinar? We limit the webinars to small groups so we keep it personal and have enough time to get through as many questions as possible. We’ll limit the amount registered for each webinar so make sure you get in quick before they fill up. How do I register? Hit the button to ‘save your seat’ and register via Facebook Messenger, we’ll send you confirmation straight away to your email and you’re good to go! Can I submit questions beforehand? We’d LOVE you to! It helps us prep any questions we know will come up and make sure you get the most from the webinar. Just reply to your confirmation email prior to the webinar and it will come straight to our inbox.>]]



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Learn How to Create Click-to-Message Ads That Convert at a 66% Higher Rate >>

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