How we got this mask company 3.6x return through a Messenger chatbot coupon campaign


  • 33% of leads generated via Messenger purchased a product.
  • 1100+ leads generated for both messenger and email.
  • 59% of clicks on ads converted to a lead.
  • 45% click-through rate on the delivery of the code directly to the shop.

The background of the campaign

The client was in the niche of selling non-medical face masks online. This presented its own challenges with Facebook having strict guidelines on what can and can’t be advertised in this space. The shifting environment of the global pandemic made it difficult for Facebook to stay up to date on localised restrictions which meant, ironically, a lot of our ads couldn’t mention the product itself. It’s worthwhile re-acquainting yourself with Facebook policies to ensure you’re up to date on their current guidelines.

The challenges we faced were that initially, direct conversion based ads were converting incredibly well. But as the pandemic widened, more competitors entered the market this drove more competition and tighter Facebook policies. This forced a restructure of the strategy to ensure we could continue to generate success with the paid advertising. This goes back to one of our main education points that we often instil with our clients and students, you need to focus on the emotional drivers and desires of your customers to get the best results with social advertising. Focusing purely on the product advantages and benefits without relating to the end consumer is not a long term strategy that will work on Facebook.

Introducing a live chat and pop-up on the website was a cost effective tool for us to produce more revenue and convert potential customers that may have otherwise been lost without the prompt from those tools.

Clare Lyons – Founder – The Masque Co.

How we did it

We tested different campaign objectives using both the Conversions and Messages objective using the selling point of a 10% off coupon for their first purchase. The Conversions objective drove directly to a landing page to register their name and email for the 10% off coupon. Comparatively, the landing page generated A LOT more leads – nearly 900 compared to the 360 from Messenger. However, this is where the two campaign results ended up differing from a purchase perspective. When customers registered their name and email they were directed to a confirmation page with the product listing and a message to check their email inbox for their unique coupon code. Even though we collected the email address and followed up with an email sequence, the user experience of having to move from one window – to their email inbox – back to the store; impacted the possibility that they eventually purchased.

Landing page campaign results:

  • Return On Ad Spend (ROAS) – $1.07
  • 860 leads generated.
  • Purchase rate < 10%
  • Coupon delivery email open rate – 35%
  • Coupon delivery email click through rate – 5%

The Messages campaign objective utilised the direct integration from the ad through to the user’s Messenger inbox. I.e User clicks on ad in Facebook/Instagram newsfeed > User is redirected to Messenger on mobile or desktop and prompted to login > Customised first message is sent to gather information and deliver the coupon. The messages were sent via Manychat, a third-party application that we use to set up messages for campaigns, operations and created profitable chatbots for clients. Manychat have recently announced a direct integration with Shopify to be able to send:

  • Unique customer coupon codes that are recorded and saved in Shopify.
  • Abandon cart messages and SMS.
  • Order updates and notifications.
  • Product browsing and catalog results.

For this campaign, we utilised the ability to send a 10% off coupon via Messenger. The messaging and ads used exactly the same creative and copy as the Conversions based campaign to landing page, but instead it directed users to their Messenger inbox to register and create the coupon. Because the coupon is sent directly to the user’s inbox it is always there for them to easily access and use whenever they want. Although it’s a reasonably new user behaviour, this highly influenced the possibility that they would purchase a product.

We helped this mask company get a 3.6x ROI using this messenger strategy

Messenger campaign results:

  • Return On Ad Spend – $3.60
  • 223 leads generated.
  • 33% of leads generated via Messenger purchased a product.
  • 100% open rate of the message that sent the coupon.
  • 45% of people clicked on the link to browse the shop from the coupon.
  • 33% of leads purchased

On top of this, the messages were supported by a website live chat and pop-up directly integrated with Messenger. This delivered a further:

  • 190 email leads.
  • 68% conversion rate from click to email submitted.

Lastly, the live chat and pop-up generated AS MUCH revenue as the ad campaign – with ZERO dollars spent.

Conclusion and recommendations

Comparing these two types of campaigns it’s clear that with similar ad spend, customers generated via Messenger are higher quality, higher converting and higher spenders.

  1. Consider using Messenger for any lead generating activities and compare it against more traditional tactics such as landing pages.
  2. Creating a campaign for Messenger is faster, simpler and can be adapted faster. It requires a series of 3-4 messages and optionally syncing it directly with your email management system. Compared to landing pages that take more design, more development and more follow up. Consider the elements required for a landing page coupon delivery:
    • Landing page images
    • Landing page copy
    • A/B testing of landing pages
    • Landing page tracking
    • Email integration
    • Follow-up email/s
    • Is it easier to just switch your strategy to Messenger?
  3. Installing a website live chat and pop-up that connects with Messenger is a simple task that doesn’t cost a cent and can generate some serious results. 

2022 Update to the Masque Chatbot Progress

Since implementing the campaign for the Masque Co. in 2020 they have maintained the strategy of the live chat feature on the website to offer a 10% off coupon.

This simple, free and effective tool has gone on to generate:

  • Nearly $70,000 in sales
  • 2,830 email contacts
  • 9,573 sales directly attributed to the coupon code

The Masque Co. Chatbot has over 5,000 subscribers with each of them, worth just over $11 each. This means every time they generate a new Chabot subscriber they’re likely to be worth at least $11 to them.



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