Using a mobile wallet event pass to get more event registrations


We got over 500 people to download a mobile wallet pass during a free event and submit their details for over 18 small businesses to communicate with them. 

The background of LOJO festival

Developed by True Tribe as part of the City of Yarra’s COVID-19 Response, LOJO Festival was created to showcase small businesses around the Lower Johnston (LOJO) street district in Abbotsford, Melbourne. 

The LOJO Festival Event Poster.

The event was initially scheduled in 2020 but due to the pandemic, the event was rescheduled twice before being scheduled for February 2022. The uncertainty of the events industry posed its own challenges to promote confidently and plan promotional campaigns. 

The event’s structure involved nearly 20 businesses from different backgrounds, including food, drink, arts & music. Each business provided their own promotions, entertainment or events during the festival. It was a completely free event that ran on a Sunday between 10:00 am – 5:00 pm. 

We were engaged by True Tribe as a digital partner to implement a chatbot and mobile wallet strategy with the aim to drive as many people to the area and get as much foot traffic through each business. It was essentially pooling all businesses together to provide a much larger ‘allure’ to bring more people to the event. 

What we did to drive people to the event

To try and gauge the interest in the lead up to the event and ensure that we could convert them to visiting, we wanted to gather contact data and information that we could use to showcase what is involved in the event. 

To do this, we ran a couple of different campaigns.

Campaign #1 – Competition

We ran a simple Instagram and Facebook chatbot campaign to give away two limited edition LOJO Festival ‘showbags’ 

Users were asked to tag their friends in a comment on some organic posts published on the Instagram and Facebook pages. 

Comments were then automatically connected to a Chatbot flow that sent the user a message to collect their name and email address to finalise their entry. 

Once they registered for the competition, we also asked the Instagram users to follow us to gain bonus entries.

We then had the Facebook-regulated 24-hour period to showcase the LOJO Festival and convert them to download the LOJO Passport.

Campaign #2 – Download the LOJO Passport

To help bring a new element to the event, people installed a digital mobile passport as the ‘event ticket’ for LOJO. 

To download the mobile passport, users entered their email & phone via chatbot, a text sent a link to the user to download the passport, and it lived in the mobile wallet app on the phone. 

The LOJO Passport that users installed for the event

The mobile wallet feature then allowed us to send push notifications based on: 

  • Location – as users entered near a business, the notification made them aware of what they were close to
  • Actions – such as checking in to businesses to register their visit in the quest for a prize
  • Time – that could be manually triggered to notify them of important info and activities on the day and to link to post-event surveys. 

To help encourage downloading the mobile passport, we enticed users with a chance to win a limited number of exclusive LOJO tote bags filled with gifts and discounts from the businesses. 

To be in the running, they had to: 

  1. Register their details in the chatbot
  2. Download the LOJO passport
  3. Check-In at three different businesses on the day of the LOJO festival

This simple but effective giveaway, combined with the notifications that encouraged them to visit more businesses, was key to making the overall execution of the mobile wallet a success. 

The results we achieved







The 3-week pre-event promotional campaign achieved the following results: 


  • 105 entries
  • 41 on Instagram (all of them followed the account)
  • 63 on Facebook
  • $0 spent on acquiring entries

Downloads of LOJO Mobile Pass before the day

  • 265 installations
  • 287 started the installation process but didn’t finish, representing a 92% conversion rate

On the day of the LOJO event, there were

  • 120 installations of the LOJO Mobile Pass. The total passes downloaded was 385
  • People that used the passport to visit at least one business: 171
  • People that used the passport to visit at least two businesses: 141
  • People that used the passport to visit at least three businesses: 127
  • Total check-ins to businesses: 439

**NOTE: There were only 100 LOJO Tote Bags available, and to claim one, people had to be at a particular location at 3:30 pm. We immediately gave away all 100 of the tote bags and ran out by 3:40 pm.**

At the end of the event, the LOJO Chatbot now has:

  • 606 Subscribers
    • 518 Facebook subscribers
    • 88 Instagram subscribers
  • 506 Email subscribers
  • 423 Phone Numbers
  • 385 installations of the LOJO Passport

Each of the 20 different businesses now has access to an additional 500+ email subscribers to promote their business. 

After a huge effort from all involved to organise the event and the additional frustrations that the uncertainty created, this was just reward the small businesses in the Lower Johnston Street District.

Lessons learnt during this campaign.

The mobile wallet is VERY underutilised.

This simple but effective tactic surely has to be adopted by more businesses! It’s the perfect way to tie online and in-person marketing together. 

The mobile wallet sits next to payment cards, vaccination certificates and event tickets. It can be easily accessed and is a consistent brand reminder of the event. 

FREE is still incredibly underestimated. 

Don’t sell short the value of low-cost, physical goods that you can give away for free to potential customers. We vastly miscalculated how popular the tote bags and the future brand awareness they’ll deliver for the event would be.



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