Landing Page Killer

This Manychat template takes away the time and effort to create a landing page funnel and recreate it in a format that is 50% more likely to capture the leads information.


“Just setup a landing page” they said. “It’ll be easy” they said. Meanwhile, you’re 3 coffees deep doing overtime to get the landing page designed, copy approved and you haven’t even started the CRM integration yet!

The conversational behaviour of Chatbots helps you create more engaged leads that can hold their attention before capturing their contact information (name, email + custom contact info)

Start opening up a conversation across Facebook and Instagram while automatically syncing with your CRM (no code required).

Example use cases for businesses:

  • E-commerce businesses looking to collect email addresses and phone numbers to follow up with potential customers and boost sales.

  • B2B businesses looking to generate leads and collect contact information from potential clients in a more streamlined way than traditional landing pages or forms.

  • Service-based businesses such as consultants, coaches, or agencies who want to collect leads and schedule consultations or appointments through the chatbot.

  • Event-based businesses such as conferences or trade shows who want to capture contact information from attendees in real-time.

  • Non-profit organisations looking to collect donations or sign-ups for volunteer opportunities through a conversational chatbot.

  • Subscription-based businesses looking to collect opt-ins from potential customers interested in receiving updates or promotions.

In this Manychat template, you will find:

  • Variations of message flows to collect different pieces of information
  • Instructional video that talks you through Manychat flows
  • Ability to sync with Google Sheets

Template FAQs

Templates are valid for Manychat only. You will need a PRO Manychat account to make the most of the majority of features in our templates. Haven’t got a Manychat account yet? Get access to a 30 day trial of their professional plan.

Once purchased, you will receive immediate confirmation via email with a unique link to download and install your template.

Every template comes with a copy of instructions, including video walk-throughs on how to install the template to your Manychat account.

Our team of expert chat marketers have also crafted the messages and language using the latest tactics in conversational marketing; ensuring you need to make minimal changes to see an impact.

No, you don’t need any technical knowledge to use this template. The setup videos and tips are designed to guide you through the process, even if you’re not familiar with Manychat or live chats.

Yes, the template is fully customizable, so you can adjust the message flows and “Abandoned Cart” messages to suit your store’s specific needs.


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Learn How to Create Click-to-Message Ads That Convert at a 66% Higher Rate >>

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