Template Installation Assistance

You’ve got the Manychat template, you’re ready to bring your Chatbot to life – buuuuttt it all seems a bit confusing? It’s ok, we’ve got your back to show you the ropes and take away any of the heavy lifting.



Our Chatbot Template Installation service is an additional optional service to help you install, integrate and setup one of the free or purchased templates.

The service includes the following:

  • Setup of a new Manychat account (if applicable)
  • Installation of the template and allocation of any fields & actions necessary
  • Downloading any required Manychat apps
  • Guidance and help connecting integrations (existing accounts for integrations must already be setup, Chat Response will not be responsible for setting these up)
  • Turnaround time of 72 hours for free templates, and 7 days for paid templates

Following the purchase of the installation service you will be sent a link to complete the necessary steps for us to gain access and provide the information we need to connect your template.


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