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Show Resources & Notes

Solutions for the action takers

I’ve created dedicated solutions for e-commerce store providers to help generate more leads, increase your conversion rate and grow your revenue. Check em’ out!

  • Messages to gather contact info and deliver a unique coupon code that is directly trackable in Shopify
  • Setup and tips to utilise website modules to gather new subscribers
  • Better designed ‘Abandoned Cart’ messages that actually engage a response from the potential customer
  • How to track and measure coupon and campaign performance.
  • Connect directly with your Shopify store
  • Increase sales and conversions with live chat, unique coupon codes, and abandoned cart messages.
  • Engage potential customers with message flows, triggers, and abandoned cart messages that bring customers back to your store.
  • Track and measure campaign performance with included tools.
  • Easy-to-use with setup videos and tips included.
  • Boost customer engagement and loyalty with the template’s message flows and abandoned cart messages.
  • Setup your products in an easy to use Google sheet
  • Customers can browse, filter and search for products
  • Drive qualified traffic to checkouts and sales pages
  • Build a database to send messages with high open rates and engagement
  • Seamlessly integrate with all your existing systems

Browse the full range of templates for all different types of industries and business cases

Custom chatbot solutions

Get a Chatbot designed for your business

What does a custom chatbout include?

From strategy to execution and ongoing maintenance – we help create your whole chat marketing presence. We’ll take care of the setup, integrations, copy to bring an engaging, personalised and profitable chatbot to life for your business.

How Chat Response Chatbots are designed to help

Together, we design a chatbot strategy that focuses on 3 key areas:

  • Marketing – Generating more leads and business
  • Sales – Increasing the likelihood of purchase and conversion
  • Operations – Reducing costs and creating a seamless customer experience

By designing and executing them in this manner, your chatbot becomes a valuable piece of your overall marketing strategy to help drive growth in your business.

of customers return to businesses that proactively offer chat invitations
0 %

By building trust and creating conversations earlier, we’re able to quickly build your chatbot subscriber list to a revenue-generating machine for your business.

increase in conversion rates compared to businesses that don’t use chatbots
0 %

We create conversations with customers earlier in the sales funnel. So you don’t need to wait until they hit your website to start chatting with you. By building trust earlier, it pays dividends by the time they’re ready to purchase.

Higher chance of customers purchasing after using a chatbot
0 x

Chatbot customers tend to be more profitable customers. Because they’re designed to quickly give the information the customer is looking for while at the same time gathering key data and building trust. It all adds up to less friction at the decision making point.

More likely to purchase from businesses that have live chat
0 %

And 79% of customers prefer to use a chatbot because it can give them instant answers. A well designed chatbot allows the customer to quickly get educated, understand what you offer and fast-track the decision-making journey.

Reduction in costs and time spent on customer support
0 %

Our chatbots have literally seen thousands of chat tickets across a number of industries. So they’ve got a fair bit of supporting data to give them a head start. It means the chatbots we design are able to answer up to 80% of common enquiries. The best part, is they’ll work 24 hours a day all year and never ask for a break!

Is the amount of time customers expect a reply to their query
0 mins

Customers can be demanding (we see the questions our clients get). And we know you’ve got plenty of other work to do. Our chatbots help set the expectations for customers and gather the information you need so you can respond at a time that suits and without the back-and-forth over email.

All our custom chatbots begin with a Conversations Roadmap

Think of a Conversations Roadmap like a fast-tracked guide to where you want to be - without the stumbling blocks along the way

We dive deep into your business to explore your systems, mapping out your customer journey and outline where chat marketing can play a role in increasing conversion rates for your business.

The Conversations Roadmap Process

1. Get your Conversations Roadmap designed

We map out the systems, and integrations plus the who, what, where, why & when so it matches with the resources you have available.

Essentially, to make sure you’ve considered everything and there are no surprises that pop up.

2. Clearly Understand the steps need to achieve success

We’ll outline the 3 key recommendations you need to focus on to make the most of your chat marketing strategy in a comprehensive document for you.

Essentially, so you don’t waste time and you get the best ROI for your time and money

3. Execute the strategy or enlist us to help

You can take your new Conversations Roadmap and begin executing it yourself, or we can chat about options for us to help.

Essentially, the document is yours to keep and execute how you like

Get started with Conversations Roadmap and start seeing the results you want in your business today.

Accessible and rewarding chat marketing

Why Chat Response Isn’t Your Average Chatbot Agency

We’ve learnt that exceptional customer service was the #1 priority for 99% of businesses out there. And when you think customer service and ‘bots’ well, history says they often don’t deliver on expectations.

We aim to make chat marketing accessible and rewarding for every small to medium business in Australia. So you can get on with doing what you do best knowing that your chatbot just…works!

As marketers though, we know that handling customer service is just one part of a successful chatbot. We design our chatbots to give you a positive return on investment by starting the conversation BEFORE the customer is ready to ask a question.

Play Video
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Partners to help create profitable conversations

We’ll work with you to develop engaging sales and marketing tactics to grow your customer database, educate and qualify leads while upselling, cross-selling and dealing with everything in between.

Like how we used a simple coupon campaign to generate over 8,000 sales for The Masque Co. using a Messenger and Website Chatbot, or how we helped 6ft6 get 4,300+ email entries for a 4-week competition using a Facebook and Instagram chatbot.

Social Responsibility

Creating a strong business and building a better world are not conflicting goals

When it comes to business and chatbots, we are well aware there are many more important things in life. We’re incredibly lucky that we’re in a position to help people and causes that are important to us as a company.

We are passionate advocates for global issues, including sustainability, climate change, cruelty against animals and female rights. Making an impact and contributing to not-for-profit causes lie at the heart of Chat Response and as it continues to evolve, our contribution in this space will continue to develop. 

Current charities that we support include:

How we’re trying to make a difference

We actively empower our staff to share the values that are important to them. Each employee and contractor we work with nominates a charity that a portion of the project or client’s fee is then donated to.

We are willing to help relevant not-for-profits and charities with in-kind services that assist with the promotion of initiatives that are making a difference in the community.

If you’d like to enquire about getting assistance with a chatbot for your not-for-profit, please register your interest below. 

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