Setting Up A Facebook Advertising Sales Funnel


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Most people venture into Facebook Advertising without the one thing – a strategy. This is mainly due to the fact they want one of two main things:
  • An immediate impact
  • A quick sale
But this approach doesn’t work on Facebook because it’s different to any other medium of online advertising. When users open their Facebook app, they don’t go there with the intent to see ads about your upcoming sale or promotion. They’re there to interact with friends and family, catch up on what has been happening or to publish their own posts on what is happening in their personal lives. It’s this ‘intent’ that most advertisers don’t grasp when they try to sell to potential customers before they’re even ready to consider that type of messaging from them. Before even opening Facebook Ads Manager, you need to think about how you can move customers through a ‘funnel’ of advertising from a cold audience towards the point that they’re ready to purchase.Facebook Advertising Sales Funnels This week, we’ll be discussing this topic in our ongoing weekly webinar series. During the session we’ll cover:
  1. How to stand out in the newsfeed by showing the right ads to the right people, at the right time.
  2. Tactics to gradually build a relationship with your customer base by getting them to perform ‘micro-behaviours’.
  3. How to track those behaviours so you can shows ads to them at the right time during the sales process.
  4. The re-targeting options that allow you to remain front of mind so your customers remember you when it comes time to purchase.
  5. A real-life example of how I was served ads during a purchasing decision based upon the likelihood of me buying.
[/ordered_list] Plus – Receive a copy of our Facebook Advertising Sales Funnel worksheet to design a funnel you can implement straight away for your business!

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Who is this Webinar for? This webinar is for:
  • Business owners.
  • Staff in marketing roles.
  • Digital content producers that need to upskill on how they can amplify their content.
  • Influencers looking to connect with their followers since organic reach has dropped.
This webinar is for people who are looking at investing in Facebook Advertising in the near future. They have something they want to promote, an idea around what success looks like to them and want to understand more how Facebook Advertising could help them. What will you get from this webinar? A clear understanding around the steps needed to move someone closer to the point of purchase through Facebook Advertising. The right tactics for ads that allow you to track users and advertise to them at the right time so you’re always front of mind. Does my business need to be online? No. This training will give audience insights to businesses that have a physical location as well. Does it cost? Nope! It’s 100% free, just hit the register button and visit the link when it’s time to go. You will login with the email you registered for and be able to type comments in the live chat box throughout. How long does it go for? 60 mins – max! It will be 40-45 mins of training and we’ll leave some time for questions. we’ll hang around as long as you have questions but you’re free to leave whenever you like (we’d like you to obviously hang around though) Will there be a replay? Of course we’d like you to attend in person so you can interact and ask live questions, but we know things happen. I’ll put a link to where you can catch it afterwards in case any last minute distractions pop up.

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