Looking for innovative ways to connect directly with your fans and supporters?

Get a complete view of your fan and supporter's data

Create new, revenue generating sponsor opportunities

Chat with a broader audience of potential fans across all your digital channels

Conversational marketing is the newest method to engage fans, increase loyalty and deliver commercial outcomes

Collect key data & insights on your fans

  • Gather contact, intent and loyalty data directly through the conversations fans have with you.
  • Synchronise data across member, ticket and merchandise databases to create an omni-channel view.
  • Designed to showcase the success of sponsor campaigns to leverage future commercial opportunities. 

Your newest digital sponsor asset

  • Easily integrate future and current partners with campaigns designed to deliver their sponsorship goals.
  • Fully customisable and easily able to adapt to meet brand and sponsor requirements.
  • Live, detailed reporting dashboards help showcase the value of current and future partnerships to grow the commercial viability of the conversations space. 

Scale ticket, membership and merchandise sales

  • Deliver targeted and personalised offers direct to supporters to utilise the 85%+ open rates and 35%+ click-through rates.
  • Deploy and reward your most loyal fans to spread your offers and promotions across platforms they use and know every day.
  • Easily collect opt-ins for discounts and promotions with simple entry points across digital and real-world environments.
  • Match, identify and analyse user data to deliver individualised offers and promotions.

The Sports Fan Chatbot

Create more engaging, profitable and insightful conversations with your fans & members

Drive more fan and member engagement

Collect and gather strategic data points

Create a brand new valuable digital asset

Trackable outcomes for sponsors and partners

Deliver segmented and personalised fan communications

Drive fan loyalty, reduce churn and increase member satisfaction

Simple implementations with powerful results

Quizzes & Questionnaires

Create fun, engaging and insightful competitions to maintain fan loyalty. 

Build sponsor awareness and demonstrate ROI with commercial integrations.

Engaging Competitions

Generate data, entries and new fans directly from social feeds.

Sync their data across all sales programs to personalise future communications.

Content Amplification

Expand the reach and engagement with branded or exclusive content with new cohorts of fans & supporters.

Highlight the success of content creation efforts with simple reporting.

Strategic Reporting Data

Fully customised to help you make more informed decisions in your overall marketing strategy

Strategic Reporting Data

Fully customised to help you more informed decisions in your overall marketing strategy

Let's create better conversations

More conversations. More conversions.

Dan Pinne - Chat Response

Dan Pinne

Founder | Chat Response

Chat Response is your go-to Chatbot marketing agency. We build systemised chatbots to help sporting organisations have more engaging, personal and profitable conversations with your fans & supporters.

With a background in sports media, marketing and entertainment; we know how to match the needs and expectations of internal deliverables with the passion and excitement from loyal external supporters.

Our systems are designed to be fully customisable and sophisticated, but they come without the usual ‘enterprise level’ price tag.

We’ve got a pretty handy team behind the scenes and we’re excited about the opportunity to help more sporting teams and organisations. 

Got any questions? Reach out directly or book a time to chat further. 

Look forward to finding out more about how we can help.

Dan Pinne
Founder – Chat Response

More about Chat Response

We are an Australian based chatbot marketing agency that helps your business deliver outstanding and unique online experiences for your customers.


Understanding your overall business, what you’re trying to achieve and how a Chatbot can contribute to that – is something we’re really proud of. 

Here’s how we did it for 6ft6 & The Masque Co.

Creating a strong business and building a better world are not conflicting goals. We are passionate advocates for global issues, including sustainability, climate change, cruelty against animals and female rights.

Fully integrated across all your channels

The chatbots we create are systemised, revenue-generating machines that help automate positive customer experiences with businesses. If you’ve got existing programs that are critical to your business’ success, we’ll find a way to integrate and automate with them.

Your chatbot should slide seamlessly into your existing processes.

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