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When you type ‘Facebook Advertising’ into Google you’re overwhelmed with a huge array of conflicting information from experts, bloggers and Facebook themselves. I know that feeling well, I was in the same spot when I first started playing around and testing with Facebook Advertising. You see, I haven’t gone and got a degree from a ‘Facebook Ads University’ or taken every course under the sun, I’ve simply listened, learnt and got in there and tested it myself. I believe it’s THE best way to learn what works and what doesn’t on Facebook Advertising. Sure, I’ve had some wins along the way but I’ve had my fair share of losses as well and the only way I’ve learnt is by actually getting into Facebook Ads Manager and setting up some campaigns. There is no one single resource that will provide ALL the answers you need for your Facebook Advertising, you need to combine trustworthy resources with action to get the results you want for your business. I believe that you always need to keep learning so I’ve listed my most popular resources and blogs that we learnt from when I first started, and continue to learn from today. There is a lot of information out there, but the reason I recommend these ones in particular is:
  • They’re trustworthy (there are plenty out there that aren’t).
  • They’re relatable so you don’t need to spend thousands every day to implement their lessons.
  • They educate in a way that helps you understand and actually ‘get it’.
  • They don’t focus on ‘shifty’ tactics that waste time and your money.
As with all things, it’s quality over quantity so we recommend starting with these without falling into the overwhelm trap and trying to apply everything at once.

Rick Mulready

Rick_Mulready Rick has a fantastic style to his popular podcast, Art Of Paid Traffic. He combines interviews, case studies and straight shooting strategy sessions to bring you only the best information on what’s working and what’s not working when it comes to Facebook Ads. He has hundreds of students enrolled in his courses so he’s continuously learning from them, plus he actively promotes his own business so he’s putting into practice what he preaches. I get a lot from Rick because he’s approachable, personable and understands the ups and downs that we go through as business owners. He’s been there himself and I highly recommend learning more about his story. Website | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter

Jon Loomer

Jon_Loomer Jon was one of the first blogs and podcasts I learnt from when delving into Facebook Ads. He’s been at the forefront of it for years now and has seen it change overtime. I connected with Jon on a personal level because of his background in sport (my background is in sports marketing as well) and his journey through to becoming one of the leading voices in the industry. He’s published hundreds of blogs on the topic and broken them down further is his podcast. I attended Social Media Marketing World in 2015 and his talk was one of the highest attended and most entertaining from the whole conference. I think everyone really enjoys his no-nonsense approach that cuts through the crap you hear from a lot of other marketers out there. You know he’s right because always testing and learning from his own business as well as his students in his flagship courses. Website | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter

Perpetual TrafficPerpetual_Traffic

This podcast sits under the Digital Marketer umbrella and features DM’s Facebook Advertising guru Molly Pittman with friends from Dominate Web Media, Keith Krance and Ralph Burns. Together their create this kind of ‘3 Musketeer’ effect that helps them give lessons learnt from DWM clients and Digital Marketer’s own Facebook Advertising campaigns. Their clients spend BIG $$$ but don’t let that deter you if you’re still early on, they break their strategies down into bite-size chunks to keep it relative to your own business. Website 

Facebook Ad Buyers GroupFacebook_Ad_Buyers

If you’re looking for a community that is going through the same things you are, then look no further than the Facebook Ad Buyers Group. There are over 50,000 members in the group so, with any large-scale community, you need to sift through some of the irrelevant posts but overall there are a wide range of knowledge levels and discussions happening in the group. Facebook Group  Heads up, if you’re interested in learning more in this type of format and are in Melbourne, I have co-organised a Melbourne Facebook Ad Buyers group that meetup each month to chat the latest and hear from experts in the industry.


This site is only relatively new and was created as a result of the growing number of questions in the Facebook Ad Buyers Group (see above). The information is relatively straightforward and gives you the latest updates on any changes to the Facebook Advertising suite. If you’re struggling to keep up with the changes, this is a great way to keep your finger on the pulse. Website

Facebook Business ResourcesFacebook_For_Business

Sometimes, hearing it straight from the horse’s mouth (for the lack of a better phrase) is the easiest way to find an answer and learn the nuts & bolts of your Facebook Ads Strategy. Facebook is actually getting much better at providing support and updating their knowledge base articles to give the latest information when you need it. There are a few specific areas I regularly visit:

Of course, we provide some pretty good blogs at Organik Digital as well so you can head over here to check them out.

Let us know other resources you’ve found useful

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Learn How to Create Click-to-Message Ads That Convert at a 66% Higher Rate >>

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