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Organik Digital has now re-launched as a fresh, modern and more accurate take on our future – introducing Chat Response.

The background to the Chat Response rebrand

In 2015 I (Dan) sat in front of my computer trying to think of what this new solo-business-owner adventure could be labelled. I’d just recently resigned from my career in digital marketing and took up a short term contract to give me a buffer till I embarked on this new stage.

I’ll be completely honest, there was little to no thought process in what the new name would be. I had no idea how long it would go for or if it would even be successful. I started looking around the room at complete inanimate objects for inspiration..

“Plant…no, ‘Grow’…but lets use an 0 instead of ‘ow’…”

Yeah, it wasn’t really groundbreaking stuff. I went through this process for another hour or so and then I saw a photo of my recent trip to Borneo and thought, well if all the good words to describe social media are taken in english – I’ll just spell it in Indonesian.

*google translate’s Organic from English to Indonesian*

English: Organic. Indonesian: Organik.

That sounds pretty good to me. ‘Organic growth’, ‘organic social media’, it’s ‘earthy’, I said – trying to convince myself that this made sense.

Since that day it’s been a wild ride. Any freelancer will tell you that starting to go out on your own is a rollercoaster. You will start by doing anything, for any client, with any budget and at any time of the day. You had to! Without those painstaking website building, copy-writing; ‘can you connect my email to my laptop for me and I’ll pay you?’ (true story) jobs I probably wouldn’t be here.

And so, Organik Digital was born.

Initially, the business was made to focus on the space I knew best – social media marketing.

And for a couple of years (in between the glorified tech support jobs) it was. But the digital environment began to shift VERY quickly.

In 2016-17ish Facebook organic reach started to drop and I noticed a big move towards paid advertising on the platform.

But Facebook Advertising was confusing! So confusing. The platform was archaic. You had to hunt high and low to find the info you needed and aside from a few experts in the industry, it was difficult to keep up with where to start.

I decided the best way to learn Facebook Advertising was to do it myself and just have a ‘play around’. Scratching my head with what product I could promote I did what any unoriginal advertiser started with and set up my own T-Shirt store. Yep, it was me, Shopify and an on-demand t-shirt printing app. The topic, the most popular show in the world at the time – Game Of Thrones.

Rather than go direct to the public as an unknown brand I needed to generate some traffic so I came up with a BuzzFeed style quiz. ‘Which Game Of Thrones Character Are You?’

Note to self: quizzes can be VERY popular, but they don’t always equate to sales.

Anyhow, the exercise taught me a valuable lesson in Facebook Advertising:

  • Quizzes are popular and you will need to upgrade to the next level of email marketing plan to accommodate the 1,000+ people that completed it, and
  • Managing campaigns is hard work, confusing and is the perfect thing to help people with

The pocket was a little lighter, but the next phase of Organik Digital was born.

Since then we’ve focused heavily on the Facebook Advertising space. Helping dozens of clients generate hundreds of thousands of dollars in revenue through campaign management.

Helping educate small businesses in the Facebook Advertising space also became a big passion of mine. For a period of 3-4 years, I believed that Facebook Ads were THE most cost-effective method to get a message out but also move the needle on the business itself.

Through training programs, live events and individual training sessions, I helped over 500+ businesses understand, set up and run their own ad campaigns. The moment where I saw the ‘penny drop’ for businesses lit a fire in me that no other part of the business did.

Butttt then the pandemic hit. And like millions of other businesses around the world I wasn’t immune to its impact.

Around the end of 2018, I had been starting to implement these weird and wacky pieces of tech called ‘Chatbots’ into Facebook Ad campaigns.

The mere mention of the word ‘Chatbot’ made people’s eyes glaze over and head spin as I tried to explain what they are and how they work.

But I knew I was onto something. The environment was shifting again in the digital space and on the horizon was a change that was going to flip the entire digital ads industry on its head!

Privacy changes were going to impact the power and effectiveness of the Facebook Algorithm. The single thing that made its ad suite so successful in the first place.

I began to pour more and more time into Chatbots, their usefulness and how they can be built. I became a Manychat fan-boy and would gush about the company to whoever would listen (hint: there wasn’t many)

But the plans were in motion. There was a big change on the horizon and Facebook Advertising was a thing of the past for me.

Out with the old, in with the new. Organik Digital Chat Response was born.

The rebranding process and deciding on Chat Response

I wanted to give a little bit of behind the scenes on how we got here.

The rebranding process was LONG. So long.

I was also trying to figure out the future of a new podcast I’d begun on the topic of Chat Marketing, while focusing on my own personal brand that I wanted to continue to build.

I sat down and stared at a blank screen more than times than I care to mention and to be honest, I just had no idea where to begin.

I made the decision (finally) to get someone to give me some clear direction going forward. I enlisted the guidance of the team at Think Creative to help me organise how all the new brands would fit together.

We landed on the following:

  • New ‘yet-to-be-named’ Chatbot Agency business to help build chatbots for clients
  • Chat Marketing Podcast & DanPinne.com will be combined

The best part about working with the team at Think Creative was how they could help me put into words to communicate what I wanted the business to be, what I wanted it to stand for, why the principles of the business are important and how to explain it effectively.

New brand guide and direction

Then I had to come up with a name 🙄

This was without a doubt the most painful part of the process. The worst mistake I made was getting TOO MUCH input. I asked everyone and I just went around and around in circles.

Some names were great and I’d love them, but then they were available. Or the .com URL and social media were taken. It was a never-ending search that I ended up making a table (below) to try and match some of the terms together.

My evernote table of all the words that stood out to me. How on earth was I going to piece this together?

I even tried to take out vowels, replace letters and yes, I even tried to translate it into different languages.

Want to have a laugh at some of the names that were suggested through the process that ended up on the chopping floor? Knock yourself out 👇

  • Korspark
  • Chirpool
  • InteliForte
  • Connectro
  • Tacksync

Yeah. We were scraping the barrel.

But then after combining, switching and mixing every combo of my table of names I landed on Chat Response.

I wrote it on the whiteboard in my office I walked past each day and sat on it for a week. Looking at it. Saying it in my head – it started to make sense.

✅ It needed to have the word ‘Chat’ in it
✅ It doesn’t sound too ‘robotic’ i.e ChatBOT
✅ Respond is similar to words like conversation, discussion and collaborate

Put them together and it signifies what a Chabot can do. It responds, via Chat. Chat – Response. Getit?

Ok, new name decided

Now it was time for a logo and THIS was actually the fun part.

I had the very talented Dan from Delorean Creative waiting for me to land on a business name and then he was full steam ahead.

I knew that this was a stage I had to be fairly ‘hands off’ on and let him do his thing.

The brief was to keep it simple, use a strong font, fresh colours and add an element that symbolised chat, discussions and messages.

The chat bubbles that are now reflected through all the digital presence of each new brand – including Chat Response

His addition of the chat bubbles with the three ‘typing’ ellipses was the perfect touch on a really easy part of the process.

A couple of iterations of fonts (who knew there were SO many) and we landed on Muli. A simple sans-serif font that can be used and repurposed in several different formats.

New logo and fresh design ✅

Ever since my aforementioned Organik Digital days, I had always created my own websites, kept them up to date and completed any re-designs. It probably showed but it was enough to get by.

I wanted to make sure I did this new website re-design properly.

Trying to find the right website designer amongst the plethora of options out there is really tough. I had no idea what to expect but it was a difficult decision to decide who was right for me.

I decided to enlist Felicity at Violet Bombshell to complete the redesign of all the new sites. Her experience and portfolio really stood out to me she showed she could understand what I was trying to do with the rebranding process.

It’s been a really long but really worthwhile process. Felicity bought to life something I could really only communicate in words and thoughts that sounded a bit like dribble to anyone else. But to her credit, she’s done an amazing job at a clean design that incorporated elements from the ‘Chat’ theme.

New schmicko website

What does Chat Response now do?

We’re now fully focused on the chatbot building space and helping businesses implement chat marketing into their marketing strategy.

We do this for businesses by providing:

  • Custom built Chatbots
  • Chatbot templates
  • Whitelabel Chatbot building services

Custom Built Chatbots involve us building a fully systemised, revenue-generating machine for clients of all sizes. These systems are built from scratch where we first start with the overall goals and role that the Chatbot will play in the business and then come up with innovative methods to bring that to life. It’s something we’ve always been passionate about, trying new things but building them in a way that shifts the needle for the business.

Chatbot Templates are something we’re really proud of. These pre-built templates allow businesses to take a series of messages that solve a particular business problem, and import it so they can start almost straight away. The templates are made to be imported to Manychat, the #1 Chat Marketing platform on the planet and the easiest way to get your Chat Marketing journey started.

Whitelabel Chatbot building services are one of the best ways that we can help others in the marketing space bring a Chatbot to an existing marketing strategy. By partnering with other agencies, they can add an additional service for clients, generate extra revenue all while helping them maintain a loyal customer base. It’s an area we’re really excited about and can’t wait to help other agencies.

Aside from these three core services, we’ll be looking to work one-on-one with businesses in a training, support and education manner. More info on that to come soon.

What are the principles that Chat Response stands for?

This was something that I was incredibly passionate about when I was going through the re-branding process. I believe that creating a strong business and building a better world shouldn’t be conflicting goals, but I’ve truly struggled with how I can communicate that concept. Until recently, balancing business and how I impact the world were two different things.

Myself and the rest of the team have identified the issues that we’re most passionate about. We’ve always been, have supported and continue to support causes surrounding sustainability, climate change, cruelty against animals and female rights.

As part of this shift we’re actively trying to help as many relevant not-for-profits and charities with in-kind services that are making a difference in the community.

If you’d like to enquire about getting assistance with a chatbot for your not-for-profit, please register your interest below.

Enquire About In-Kind Services

The Chat Response Team

With the expansion of services we’ve been offering in this space for sometime now, we’ve grown to some extra support staff and experts in specific areas of the bot building process.

It was important that throughout this process we not only found the right people but helped involve them in the process about the type of business we wanted to become.

One simple initiative was to actively empower our staff to share the values that are important to them. Each employee and contractor we work with nominates a charity that a portion of the project or client’s fee is then donated to.

You can read about each of the team members here.

Want to explore how Chat Response can help?

Funnily enough, we much prefer to have a conversation than worry about filling out forms. So we’ve created a few different links you can use to chat to us about a particular topic via Messenger:

Chat with us on Instagram or SMS 

Chatbots aren’t your thing? You might prefer the info below:

Email: info@chatresponse.com.au
Phone: +61414 273 365

Stay tuned for more! We can’t wait to tell you more about the exciting journey ahead and hope you can join us.

Don’t hesitate to come have a chat whenever you like!

Dan Pinne – Founder of Chat Response



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